Achilles Revision

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Achilles was the son of (a mortal man) and Thetis (a sea ).

His mother tried to make him fully immortal by dipping him in the River , in the . He was made immortal except for his . This was because his mother had held him there to dip him in the water and forgot to dip them as well!
This meant that they could easily be injured and eventually led to his death from . He shot him there with an arrow guided by .

Achilles’ parents had been told by the that Achilles would die in the Trojan War. Therefore his parents hid him in Scyros dressed as a ! Then a prophet told the Greeks that the war would not be won without him and he was found by .

Zeus then offered Achilles the choice between a long prosperous life in his own kingdom or a short life which would make him forever famous among men. Achilles chose the option!

The of Achilles

In the year of the Trojan War, a quarrel arose between Achilles and , king of and commander of the whole Greek army. This was because Agamemnon had stolen the daughter of Apollo’s to be his girlfriend. Apollo was so angry that he sent a to punish the whole Greek army! Agamemnon had to give the daughter back but stole ’ girlfriend instead! In a furious rage because of this, Achilles withdrew from the war with his troops and refused to any more!