Perseus and Medusa

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, King of , was told by the that he would be killed by his own grandson. He imprisoned his daughter in a brass tower so that she could not have a child who would grow up and kill him. However, came into the tower in the form of a and soon afterwards she had a son by him whom she named Perseus.

Acrisius put them into a boat (or chest) without any food, hoping that they would drown or starve. However, the boat floated safely to the island of Seriphus where they were found by a kind , Dictys.

When Perseus was a young man, the island king, became jealous of him. He also wanted to force to marry him. Perseus was determined to protect his mother from the evil king. Therefore, to get rid of Perseus, Polydectes ordered him to bring back the head of the Gorgon Medusa one of three Gorgon sisters. Medusa was a monster with the body of a , arms and hands and a head covered with . She turned to anyone who looked at her.

Help from the gods

To help him in his quest Perseus received the following help from the gods:

A pair of winged sandals from (messenger of the gods).

A helmet which made the wearer invisible from (king of the Underworld)

A curved sword made of diamonds from

A highly polished shield from

Perseus went for guidance to the (three sisters of the Gorgons) who had one and one between them. By hiding the eye and tooth, Perseus blackmailed the sisters into telling him the way to Medusa's lair.

When he arrived, he was able to kill Medusa with his while she slept by looking at her in his polished shield. This acted like a so he did not have to look directly at her. In this way, he avoided being turned to stone. When Perseus cut off Medusa's head the horse sprang up from her blood.